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As part of our sound solutions, Primary Acoustics offers The Sound Doctor who will certify the IIC results of your project's floor/ceiling assembly. Others in the marketplace make mere representations as to what the IIC of your finished floor/ceiling may be. By conducting ASTM compliant IIC Field Tests and providing an independent acoustical analysis, The Sound Doctor will supply you with an actual certification of your results in a professionally prepared report that is yours to keep.

Good Health

  • Precise IIC Rating
  • Owner/Developer Protection
  • HOA Compliance
  • IBC and ASTM certification

Smart Medicine

At Primary Acoustics LLC we not only pride ourselves in the acoustical materials we design and manufacture but in our customer protection and assurance programs as well. As a multi family commercial developer in the United States, any homebuilder is faced with a growing awareness regarding sound and how it can affect ways of living for homeowners. As awareness grows so does the possibility of complaints and lawsuits filed by condominium owners and their respective boards. In particular the growing popularity of high priced multi-unit housing for the aging baby boomer generation is starting to focus a great deal of consumer attention on peace and quiet.


In addition to consumer demands, developers are also faced with the mandates set forth by the International Building Code (IBC). Beginning in the year 2003, section 1207.3 of the IBC code requires that all multi-unit residential floor/ceiling assemblies shall have an IIC (Impact Insulation Class) rating of not less than 50 when tested in accordance with ASTM E492 or an FIIC (Field Impact Insulation Class) rating of not less than 45 when tested in accordance with ASTM E1007.



  • Supply us with the details of the floor/ceiling assembly for your project
  • We will supply you with a few thickness options along with corresponding pricing
  • You decide which thickness is most appropriate based on your desired acoustical performance.


  • Prepare two stacked units for sound testing in accordance with our Pre-Test Punchlist
  • Testing of the bare floor/ceiling assembly is conducted
  • Testing of your finished floor/ceiling assembly is conducted




  • Data from tests is analyzed and studied for accuracy by independent acoustical consultant.
  • Results for each finish floor type are issued in the form of a test report certified by an independent acoustical consultant.


With a certified FIIC rating of your floor/ceiling assembly, our Sound Doctor® program provides an Owner/Developer the protection you need and the comfort you deserve. The Sound Doctor® delivers the specific FIIC rating for your project alone. You simply cannot rely on testing that has been done at alternate sites and or independent laboratories. Moreover, test results will always vary due to differing construction conditions.


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